Friday, October 7, 2011


Dedicated to 4M 2011, for all the memories.

We were once all birds,
flying in the sky.
By chance we perched
on the same tree.
Looking for foods on the branch
Life went on.

Another chance bestowed upon us,
we converged on the same branch.
Sharing the foods,
chirping together,
always an air of excitement.
Listening to the whisper of the wind,
united in our aims.

unvoiced thoughts in our head.
Will we have another meal together?
Will we be able to hear the rustle of the forest again?
Will our memories
be carved deep in the tree
we once perched upon
never to be forgotten?

We know they will
as we glance down on the branches
one last time.
Shifting our eyes upwards.
The sky.
Soar. Flight. Farewell.

May you be able to perch on a cloud in the future.
May we one day follow the drift of the wind
And find ourselves together on a tree again.

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