Monday, June 29, 2009

Passed Out

Version 1

My stomach feels squirmy,
Breathe it is difficult.
I look up to see the sky,
I look down to see the grass,
I look front to see the world spinning.
My head becomes heavy,
and cold creeps into my body.
Blackness clouds my eyes
and I could no longer see,
though I did not close my eyes.

Version 2
The sky is dark.
I hear the thunder grumbling,
I see the clouds drifting around,
I feel the chill wind cutting into my throat.
The clouds are getting denser
and sunlight no longer penetrates.
The sky turns dark.
Out of nowhere,
rain falls.

The sun reappears,
but somewhere it gets blocked.
The sky is clear,
but somewhere it is still clouded.
The air is crisp,
but somewhere it feels chilly.
In the aftermath,
I am still passing through black and white.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In the midst, doing nothing

When the clock ticks,
time passes.
When the wind blows,
leaves fall.
When the sun sets,
the moon rises
and the stars twinkle.
In the midst
of phenomenal sequences,
what am I doing?